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The Ruby and Kate story

Named after two nannas inspiration to love and create

Gweneth Ruby Richardson (Ruby)

Chris’ mother in law and Jasmines’ Nanny. A very special lady, we have a very close relationship with this wonderful woman. She is a loving, funny, caring nan and a terrific cook, nurturing our family not only with food but love, she has been our rock, and we love her dearly.

Patricia Kathleen Duns (Kate)

Chris’ mum and Jasmines’ other Grandma. Kate passed away many years ago, but she left a legacy of stitching and crafting, which seems to have continued through two generations. She was a tiny, vivacious woman whose artistic talents were many, including embroidery, making clothes, painting and all manner of crafts. She was also a member of the Koppio CWA. She was loving and loved in return by her family and many friends, unfortunately Jasmine never met her, but the similarities are eerie!!

So when we decided to open our own shop in Port Lincoln, we couldn’t think of a better way to honour these two special women, Ruby and Kate, and hopefully continue their legacy to love, create and inspire.

And we have moved, so come down and see us at our brand new store - 42 Liverpool Street, Port Lincoln!

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